About: TSK

A Skeleton Key is a key that opens all locks. The esoteric traditions are teachings that are not in the mainstream of life. Not because of intentional secrecy but because they are not wanted by the vast majority. Because they are not understood they often become seen as sinister. Hence the negative associations with the word ‘occult’, which simply means hidden.

Such esoteric teachings contain practices and teachings to develop the inner world of man. In our times, we speak of this in terms of psychology, the mind and spirituality. In other periods this aspect of human life has been expressed in terms of religion, rituals and mythology. The difference between esoteric teachings (esoteric means ‘inner’) and institutionalized, or exoteric, religion lies in the relationship with the inner world.

The world’s great religions have their starting point in esoteric teachings, but over time become governed by rules and dogma that take on a life of their own. What then remains is the outer practices, structures and the shell of a teaching that once made possible the inner ascent towards self-mastery.

The esoteric traditions continuously change their outer form in order to remain living teachings; they are not dependent on precedent. They arise from the Conscience of man, which is normally buried under behaviours, subjective moral codes and attitudes required for survival in the mainstream of life. Conscience is objective and its essence never changes. It is continually present, waiting to be uncovered by those who seek it.

Any one of the esoteric teachings, be it Alchemy, Tibetan Buddhism, Kabbalah or the Gurdjieff teaching (there are many others) can show a sincere and diligent seeker the Way to his or her Source of Conscience. Once this path has begun to be traced in earnest, all teachings become intelligible. Although they use widely different languages and symbols, the essential truth of which they speak is the same and so instantly recognizable. This is the Skeleton Key.