Natural Birth

In our society childbirth is often viewed as something to be feared and even to be avoided, through elective caesarian or extreme pain suppression. In this uplifting book Kristina Turner applies esoteric knowledge to show practical ways of transforming a difficult experience into a positive and deeply spiritual one. Kristina looks closely at the physical processes that take place in the body during pregnancy and childbirth, as well at explaining the facts behind hospital procedures and options for home birth -- providing readers with the necessary knowledge to make their own choices. She feels that birthing should be viewed as a unified process, from the nine months of pregnancy through labour to the many months of breastfeeding; all three stages contribute to developing the bond between mother and child and the child's emotional function. Kristina writes beautifully about the sacred mystery inherent in conception and pregnancy, and guides the new mother towards being a conscious participant in the spiritual process of bringing life into this world. This book is both very practical and hugely inspiring.

Extracts from the book
'It is a momentous thing. A new being is coming into the three-dimensional world of space and time. A new and completely unique aspect of the Absolute is being born. And you are the instrument.

Childbirth enables the possibility of a connection with spiritual truth, or that truth which lies beyond body. Your body is the vehicle that enables a miraculous process to take place; higher forces pass through you and woman becomes the agent of the higher.
This begins with sensing your body.'

Isis nursing Horus was also known by the ancient Egyptians as
Theotokos, the name given by the Greek Orthodox to the Mother of God
’What actually happened during my births could be observed from outside as a woman in increasing pain and labour, sweating, being sick, defecating and eventually pushing out a healthy baby. But there is a whole other side to the experience that I wish to address: the inner revelation which has the potential to affect us in a way so fundamental that our lives can be transformed by it.’

’The potential birthing experience is truly great: a time out of time when a woman's body is allowed to become a vessel for forces infinitely greater than her, and the veil is lifted so that she may see, for a moment, the mysteries beyond time, death and birth.’

’Natural birth is not the only way. The ways to the truth are many, and each individual has his or her unique path to follow to the centre. Research the way you want to give birth and find your own way. Any way that works for you is valid and good. You will benefit from taking responsibility for your choices regardless of what they are.’

’Natural birth may involve pain, complication and death. Natural birth allows the forces of nature and God to work through a woman unencumbered by drugs, equipment and the restrictions of mechanical procedures. Natural birth can be, for the birthing woman, a point of connection with the reality that lies behind time and matter.’

’If we take enough precautions, have enough screenings, eat the right food, keep fit, take the right supplements, we will almost certainly have a healthy baby and a healthy birth. This is the unspoken assumption. So how do we deal with the possibility of life bringing us grief, suffering and difficulties? Mostly we pretend that they do not exist, which is also how we deal with death.’

’A good birth is not focused on avoiding difficulties. A good birth is one where the birthing mother is fully present, so that she may experience fully what is in *her* life. Later, she will be able to bring with her a feeling of completion abut what has been, whether it involved great joy or great sorrow. She was fully there in that moment, whether she experienced it as being painful, joyous, sad or miraculous.’

’As a Buddhist monk once advised a young couple trying to conceive a child, it is necessary to do two things: fuck and pray. Neither one alone can make a person come into the world, even if we are encouraged to think so by contemporary science. Perhaps you have never prayed, yet have conceived a child. Well, not all prayers are heard by ourselves. It is in our subconscious mind that our essential wishes are spoken.’

’You are the chosen one. You are the one in 360,000,000 who made it, who didn't give up, didn't falter and was committed to the end. You are the living result of the selection of the very best, most able and determined. What happened to that dynamic? It rightfully belongs to you.’

‘You came here because you wished to. You had the choice and you made it, whole-heartedly, willingly. You will come again. You knew what awaited you. You knew the difficulties you would face in this life. You knew, and intentionally, having decided in advance, you came. You begged to be born.’

‘You grow yourself a body. You, the life force, enter matter and animate it, you structure and pace and control its growth and development. This is the fire of life, electricity with all three parts present, not only the positive and negative poles such as we have become accustomed to know it. This electricity of life begins to flicker between neurons. You compose your body. You attract, arrange, organize matter.’

‘You reside deep within the centre and act as the anchor, the centre of gravity around which matter can accumulate. You coat yourself in automatically-growing matter. You attract your body through your will to come into being. You are the invisible, the unmanifest core. The still centre of the whirling dervish. The eye of the storm. The I of the storm. The word becoming manifest.’

‘The material body is grown out of matter from your genetic parents. Two become three: two cells make a third, a new whole. The evolution of the foetus follows the same mathematical laws of unfurling, spiralling and growth that govern all processes in the universe: in the beginning was the Word, the idea, spirit without form.’
Virgin Mary icon from the interior of the Mezquita Cathedral

‘The foetus differentiates and comes into being in the three-dimensional world of space and time. From the one, the new whole of the fertilized egg, spring two, the dyad. Out of the two come many. Four. Eight. Sixteen. Thirty-two. Holy doubling.’
’When you carry a baby in your womb, it is enveloped in your cosmos. Your feelings are law for the foetus. There is no other world beyond that of Mother and the baby's emotional function is born out of your emotional function.’

’The mood fluctuations resulting from hormonal changes are a form of heightened awareness. All women have had a taste of this in the days around their period. We become more open, sensitive, cry more easily and recognize the things that are wrong about the way we live, our mechanicality, more easily. We do not become more irritable, which is how an abnormal world perceives our behaviour; we become more sensitive.’

’What is hysteria? In our language it has become associated with the outbursts of over-emotional women. But if we look a little deeper into the meaning that lies behind the word, what is it really? It is the ability to make something out of nothing.’

’Intuition involves 'seeing' with all three parts of us at once, with the physical body, with emotion and with the intellect. Then our net for catching cues from the world around us can be cast much wider and we can see that which is not yet known. We can make something out of nothing.’

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